The #She Is Your Neighbour


The What 

#SheIsYourNeighbour is a project developed by Women’s Crisis Services, designed to highlight the prevalence of domestic violence in Waterloo Region.

The Why 

Historically, domestic violence has been viewed as a “private issue” within the home. Today, more people are beginning to recognize that domestic violence is a societal problem, but do not see it as happening in their own neighbourhood.

Part of the reason for this misconception could be that people do not understand the many forms of domestic violence. It is often associated with physical abuse, when in reality there are many types, including emotional, psychological, sexual, physical, financial, spiritual, and more.

The How

In partnership with Hilary Gauld-Camilleri, photographer and owner of One for the Wall Photography, we have created a photo and storytelling series as part of the project. The series is centred around local community members who have become ambassadors of Women’s Crisis Services.

Each week, we will share the story of a different ambassador. This will start in April 2019 and will continue for several months. While each ambassador’s story is unique, all stories will shed light on how they are connected to Women’s Crisis Services and why they are invested in ending domestic violence.

By sharing the photos and stories of familiar community members, we hope to engage our community and increase awareness and understanding of domestic violence. We will also provide resources to help people understand what they can do to help and to be a “good neighbour”.

We all have a role to play in ending domestic violence 

What Is Domestic Violence?

There are many forms of domestic violence, all of which include attempts to maintain power and control over the thoughts, beliefs and behaviour of a woman by creating fear and/or dependency. All forms of abuse result in the woman feeling powerless, unequal and unsafe.

Forms of Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse includes but is not limited to:
* Emotional
* Physical
* Psychological
* Financial
* Sexual
* Verbal
* Spiritual

Know the signs

Signs of domestic abuse include but are not limited to:
* Insults or put downs, name calling
* Violent outbursts
* Threats of violence or harm
* Threats to destroy property or harm pets
* Forced sexual acts
* Physical assault
* Control over finances
* Unkept promises of change