Why Women Stay

One of the biggest misconceptions and tragedies is society’s willingness to blame the victim. We must place responsibility for the crimes on the offenders and stop blaming the victims. “Why doesn’t she just leave him?”

There are lots of reasons why women stay. Here are just a few….

  • She loves the partner, not the violence
  • She made a commitment she feels she can’t break
  • She has nowhere else to go
  • She has no money, or fears the poverty that may result for her and her children if she leaves
  • Relatives and in-laws want her to stay
  • She believes her partner can’t get along without her – he may have threatened suicide if she leaves
  • She wants her children to grow up with their father
  • She does not have the confidence to believe she can┬ámake it on her own
  • She believes her partner will change
  • She is afraid or ashamed
  • She feels guilty and believes the abuse is her fault
  • She believes she deserves the abuse
  • She’s afraid for her own and her children’s lives

If you are staying, contact us by phone (above right) and we can help create a safety plan.

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