Ask for Angela

Providing safe avenues to reach out for support.

Asking for Support at Loblaw Stores

The program revolves around discreetly approaching staff members at participating Loblaw and Shoppers Drug Mart stores and requesting “Angela” for support. This will signal to staff that the individual needs support.

Staff members will guide the person to a secure and private location, allowing for open dialogue, a connection to the Women’s Crisis Services support lines and an accurate assessment of their needs.

Women’s Crisis Services has various partnerships in the community for referrals including the Sexual Assault Support Centre’s Anti-Human Trafficking program.

How does Ask for Angela work? 

Go into any Loblaw store in Waterloo Region and ask an employee to talk to Angela. 
An employee will walk the person experiencing violence to a secure location in the store.
Once in private, Loblaw employees will connect the person with Women’s Crisis Services support staff for support or to refer to services available in the Region. 
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