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Fundraising is an exciting way to use your skills, talents and expertise, while raising money to support women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Whether on your own or with a group of friends, hosting a fundraising event for Women’s Crisis Services is a great way to help women and children in our community moving beyond violence. From a Zumba class to a black -tie dinner – there are lots of ways to fundraise.

We provide you with any support you need – including a dedicated fundraising contact, and resources including pop-up banners, donation forms, our logo, and a script to read at your fundraising event. Click here to complete our event application form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a third-party fundraiser and why should I host one?

In order to help women and children move beyond violence, we need your help! We are only partially funded by the government and the rest of our funds come from our incredible community members.

A third-party fundraising event is when a business, organization, community group, school or individual hosts an event or program to benefit Women’s Crisis Services.

It is planned and executed independently of Women’s Crisis Services — we are here to answer questions about the organization, provide organizational resources and market the event, but you are the main event organizer! 

What types of fundraisers are there?

Listed below are some ideas that you can help raise funds and awareness for Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Let your creativity guide you!

  • Collect Donations: Set out collection canisters next to cash registers to encourage your customers to help you support Women’s Crisis Services.
  • Create your own online fundraising page through CanadaHelps, Instagram or FacebookDonate a percentage of your business profits
  • Designate Women’s Crisis Services as the beneficiary for your event: If your business or organization hosts an annual event that generates funds, consider donating a portion of the proceeds to Women’s Crisis Services.

Learn more about how to fundraise and get more fundraising ideas here.


Where should I start?

Complete our application form and connect with a member of our team.

If you have questions, please contact Lillie Proksch, Senior Communications & Event Coordinator at 519-741-9184 ext. 2012 or email

How can Women's Crisis Services help me with my fundraiser?

There are limits to how we can help, but here are some of the things we can offer:

  • A pop-up banner
  • Donation forms
  • Organization brochures
  • Issue tax receipts, subject to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines – please connect with us to learn more about our tax receipt guidelines
  • A script that helps you describe the work we do and why folks should donate at your event
  • Promotion through social media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • If requested, a representative from Women’s Crisis Services to speak at your event


What can’t Women’s Crisis Services do for my event?

  • Fund or reimburse any event expenses
  • Provide donor or sponsor lists
  • Guarantee attendance of staff or volunteers at your event
  • Solicit individuals or companies to acquire donations or sponsorship for auctions or raffles
  • Apply for gaming licenses (e.g. bingos, raffles, liquor, insurance) for your event
  • Provide tax receipts for cash or in-kind goods that were not directly received by Women’s Crisis Services
What am I responsible for?

As the event organizer, you are responsible for all details of the event, including:

  • Underwriting all of the related costs
  • Printing of all materials
  • Creating flyers to publicize the event
  • Working at the event
  • Insurance
  • Applicable lottery and gaming licenses

Have a fundraiser in mind?

Click here to complete our application form.

Click here to review our Third-Party Terms and Conditions here.

If you have questions, please contact Ami Bishop-England, at 519-741-9184 ext. 2011 , or email

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