Fundraising is an exciting way to use your skills, talents and expertise, while raising money for women and their children who are fleeing domestic violence and abuse.

Whether on your own or with a group of friends, hosting your own fundraising event for Women’s Crisis Services is a great way to help us help abused women and children. From a family fun day to a black tie dinner – there are lots of ways to get people together to help raise money for Anselma House and Haven House.

We provide you with any support you need – including a dedicated fundraising contact, and materials like event posters, donation forms, our logo, and a script to read at your fundraising event.  For more information, or for help completing the application form, please contact Alan Sharpe, Fund Development Manager, at (519) 741-9184 ext 2003, or email



What is a Third Party Fundraiser?

A third party fundraising event is when a business, organization, community group, school or individual hosts an event or program to benefit Women’s Crisis Services. It is planned and executed independently of Women’s Crisis Services.



Why should I host a Third Party Fundraiser for Women’s Crisis Services?

Women’s Crisis Services is funded partly by local donations. In order to help abused women and children, we need your help. It is as
simple as that. We need your help.



I want to organize a fundraiser for Women’s Crisis Services but I’m not sure what to do.

Listed below are some ideas of the many ways that you can help raise funds and awareness for Women’s Crisis Services. This list is by no means exhaustive. Let your creativity guide you!

  • Collect Donations: Set out collection canisters next to cash registers to encourage your customers to help you support Women’s Crisis Services.
  • Host a Benefit Concert
  • Host a bake sale
  • Host a car wash
  • Donate a percentage of your business profits
  • Designate Women’s Crisis Services as the beneficiary for your event: If your business or organization hosts an annual event that generates funds, consider donating a portion of the proceeds to Women’s Crisis Services.
  • See more ideas below


B. I want to host a fundraiser. What should I do next?

Option A. Complete our online application form.

Option B. Print and complete our paper application form.

Option C. talk with Alan Sharpe, Fund Development Manager, at (519) 741-9184 ext 2003, or email



What will Women’s Crisis Services do to help with my fundraiser?

There are limits to how we can help, but here are some of the things we can offer:

  • A pop-up poster
  • Donation forms
  • Donation envelopes
  • Promotional brochure
  • An online fundraising page for your event
  • Issue tax receipts, subject to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines
  • A script that helps you describe the workld we do and why folks should donate at your event
  • Promotion through our website, blog, Facebook and Twitter
  • A representative from Women’s Crisis Services to speak at your event

We give you a pop-up display to show at your event.


We give you donation forms and envelopes so that your participants can donate by case, cheque or credit card and receive a charitable tax receipt from us.


We give you a supply of brochures that describe our agency.

What can Women’s Crisis Services not do for my event?

  • Fund or reimburse any event expenses
  • Provide donor or sponsor lists
  • Guarantee attendance of staff or volunteers at your event
  • Solicit individuals or companies to acquire donations or sponsorship for auctions or raffles
  • Apply for gaming licenses (e.g. bingos, raffles, liquor, insurance) for your event
  • Provide tax receipts for cash or in-kind goods that were not directly received by Women’s Crisis Services


What am I responsible for?

As the event sponsor, you are responsible for all details of the event, including:

  • Underwriting all of the related costs
  • Printing of all materials
  • Creating flyers to publicize the event
  • Working at the event
  • Insurance
  • Applicable lottery and gaming licenses


Fundraising Event Ideas

  1. Arts and Crafts Sale/Show
  2. Auction
  3. Bake sale
  4. Balloon Pop
  5. Battle of the Bands
  6. BBQ
  7. Benefit Dinner
  8. Bingo Night
  9. Birthday celebrations
  10. Book Sale
  11. Bowling Tournament
  12. Car Wash
  13. Carnival
  14. Casino Night
  15. Cocktails for a Cause
  16. Comedy night
  17. Concert
  18. Concession Stand
  19. Cook-off
  20. Craft sale
  21. Dance-a-thon
  22. Dinner Party
  23. Donations in Lieu of Wedding Gifts
  24. Face Painting
  25. Fashion show
  26. Festival
  27. Fishing Derby
  28. Fitness challenge
  29. Flower Sale
  30. Gala
  31. Game night
  32. Garage Sale
  33. Gift wrapping (especially during the holidays)
  34. Golf tournament
  35. Grand Opening
  36. Jail’n Bail
  37. Karaoke night
  38. Kickball Tournament
  39. Movie night
  40. Pancake breakfast
  41. Pet Wash
  42. Photo Outing
  43. Play (at a theatre or auditorium)
  44. Poker tournament
  45. Proceeds from Retail or Restaurant Sales
  46. Quiz night
  47. Raffle
  48. Rummage Sale
  49. Scavenger Hunt
  50. Seasonal fundraising
  51. Easter egg hunt
  52. Christmas decorating contest
  53. Softball Tournament
  54. Sporting event
  55. Swim-a-thon
  56. Tailgate Party
  57. Ticketed Event
  58. Traditional Gala Event
  59. Walk-a-thon
  60. Wedding Registry Item
  61. Wii Tournament
  62. Wine Tasting



Terms and Conditions

  1. Event organizers shall complete and sign the third party registration/event agreement form before marketing their event.
  2. All printed materials must be approved by the Fund Development Manager prior to printing and must clearly state the amount of proceeds we are receiving from the event, i.e. all proceeds, net proceeds, partial proceeds, or percentage of proceeds.
  3. When using our logo we insist that you adhere to our colour guidelines and that no changes are made to our logo. Women’s Crisis Services has sole jurisdiction over the use of our logo and any promotional materials created using the name and/or logo.
  4. Women’s Crisis Services will NOT endorse the sale of any products or services.
  5. The third party event may not be for the purpose of obtaining business contacts to benefit the third party’s business; this may be considered a conflict of interest.
  6. If for any reason we feel that our reputation may be compromised we reserve the right to cancel our agreement. We are not responsible for any financial or other damages that may result from such cancellation.
  7. All sporting events require that participants sign a waiver form, waiving Women’s Crisis Services of physical, personal and financial liability.
  8. All third party events require appropriate insurance coverage to be obtained by the organizers of the event.
  9. Event organizers shall acquire all permits and licences and are responsible for all advertising for the event. Women’s Crisis Services will promote the event on our website and facebook provided we receive at least half the proceeds of the event. This will be posted no earlier than 45 days before the event.
  10. Women’s Crisis Services is not responsible for any event expenses, or any financial loss or unsettled accounts as a result of this third party event.
  11. Tax receipt will be issued at the sole discretion of Women’s Crisis Services according to Canada Revenue Agency and MUST be agreed upon prior to the event. When forwarding a list of donors for tax receipting purposes, individuals must be made aware of the fact that organizers are forwarding this information to Women’s Crisis Services. Individuals must be given an option of not having their information forwarded, or opting out.
  12. In order to conduct a lottery, bingo, raffle, 50/50 draw or game of chance a licence must be obtained by the charity. Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region does NOT lend its name to lottery licences run by independent third party events.
  13. Women’s Crisis Services is not responsible for selling tickets to the third party event.
  14. We ask that any sponsors supporting your event are in line with Women’s Crisis Services Mission, Vision and Values. We will not support events whose donors promote the use of guns, violence or inequality against women.
  15. Women’s Crisis Services may provide, if requested and if available, volunteer support, a speaker or representative at the event, display or brochure materials.


Got a fundraiser in mind?

Tell us about your fundraiser using one of the three options below. When you apply, we’ll send you our fundraising toolkit which is packed with helpful information. And one of our Fundraising Managers will be in touch to give you all the support you need with getting your fundraising off the ground.

Option A. Complete our online application form.

Option B. Print and complete our paper application form.

Option C. talk with Alan Sharpe, Fund Development Manager, at (519) 741-9184 ext 2003, or email