Engaging Men

Creating Healthy and Safe Relationships

Ending gender-based violence by building a culture of male accountability.

Through individual counselling for men and community education, we are prioritizing safer communities by increasing how we foster male accountability.

Through this unique program, Women’s Crisis Services has three male-identified clinicians that are helping to create healthier relationships. Unlike other male accountability programs, Engaging Men is not mandated and every client enters the program voluntarily. 

Supporting Men in the Community


One-on-One Counselling

Free counselling for men who want to create safer and healthier relationships and families. 

Counselling sessions are facilitated by three male-identified clinicians
who are trained in male accountability and gender-based violence.

Counselling sessions are:

          • – Free of charge and self-referred  
          • – Flexible in location with virtual options available
      • Referrals are gathered in collaboration with the Family Violence Project, Family and Children’s Services, Camino Wellbeing and Mental Health
        and other community partnerships.

Thrive Together Group 

Facilitated by Muslim Social Services with support from one of our Engaging Men clinicians.  

In these group participants learn:

          • – Goal setting
          • – Healthy relationships
          • – Boundary setting
          • – Self-esteem
      • Topics are led by participants to ensure engagement.
      • Sessions are two hours each and are designed to be half-recreational
        and half-structured discussion.

Together, we are working with men to create safer and healthier families.

I’m very happy I got this referral. My counsellor is great and I feel 100 percent comfortable talking to him about anything. That’s something I’ve never done before so this program is great so far.

- Engaging Men Client

My counsellor has allowed me to feel safe and not judged. I feel like he understands my need to rebuild my life with my wife and family. I think this program is very important to people like me as without it I don’t know where I would be but I feel my counsellor and the program is a life saver.

- Engaging Men Client

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