The She Is Your Neighbour Podcast

In the She Is Your Neighbour podcast we take a deep dive into domestic violence. Through thought-provoking discussions we address hard topics like domestic violence and the drug trade, violence against Indigenous women and girls, barriers for transgender youth seeking support, and more. You will hear real, raw stories from people of all walks of life. Tune in to join us as we explore the realities and complexities of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence and the Drug Trade

with Emily O'Brien

A Childhood Experience of Domestic Violence

with Chris Linklater

When Black Women Experience Domestic Violence

with Nicole Brown Faulknor

Navigating the Legal System

with David Morneau

Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls

with Lori Campbell

Seeking Support: Challenges that Trans Youth Face

with Kieran Duby

COVID-19 & Gendered Violence

with Ashleigh Weeden

Why We Need Male Allies

with Loren Padelford

Meet The Host

Jenna Mayne

Jenna Mayne

Jenna Mayne is the Communications and Fund Development Manager at Women’s Crisis Services and the host of the She Is Your Neighbour podcast. She is passionate about empowering women and shifting public perception of domestic violence.

An avid storyteller, for years she was torn between becoming a journalist and working at a non-profit – now she gets to do both! When she isn’t raising awareness and funds, you can find her exploring the outdoors, working on DIY projects, hanging out with her cat, and trying to keep up with the latest TikTok dances.

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We all have a role to play in ending domestic violence