Survivors Speak

Leaving a violent situation or relationship is the most dangerous time for a woman. One in five women who reported abuse said that violence occurred following or during a separation. In one third of these cases, the violence increased in severity at the time of separation. There are many reasons why a woman stays. But the real question is why some men choose to assault and intimidate women.

We invited women to reflect upon the support they accessed through our shelters. Here’s what they said:

It’s very scary… to walk away from your life and not know where you are going. Without the shelter, I would probably have stayed in the abuse.

The shelter staff… were the first people to validate for me that what I was experiencing was abuse and that this behavior was not okay.

I might not be alive today… if it wasn’t for the shelter and the programs. When I hear of women being killed by their husbands, I have little doubt that mine could have killed me.

I learned about… community events that happen concerning women’s issues and continue to participate in them. This feels important; like I am part of the solution in some way.

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