Meet Sarah and Emma Bumstead.  They visited Anselma House on December 23. During a time when they could be out playing with friends, enjoying a sweet holiday treat, or watching movies and relaxing, they wanted to learn more about our work.

Sarah and Emma, along with their parents, wondered about the women and children who live with us, and were concerned that they wouldn’t have a happy holiday.

They put this concern into action, collecting warm socks for each person, hats, mittens and also supplies from our WISH LIST. These supplies, like towels and pillows, might not seem like a great present under the tree, but Emma and Sarah knew that sometimes other people don’t have their own towels. Now, because of their thoughtful generosity, our residents will be able to find real comfort in knowing that others support them.

The girls also delivered toys to make the children smile and brought in some great questions like “How do you entertain the children” and “How do they get to school” and “How long do they live here?”. They also wondered about mealtime, bedtime and what else they could do to help.

These two girls are already thinking of their next act of support. The future is in good hands with Emma and Sarah. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful of others.

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