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HEALTH CHEQUE: Thanks, Shoppers Drug Mart stores of Cambridge, for your generous support of Haven House. Back row, L to R: Terry Melo, District Manager, Shoppers Drug Mart; Staff Sergeant Al Green, board member; Alan Sharpe, our Fund Development Manager; Karl Kiefer, Regional Councillor; Janice Savage, board member. Middle row, L to R: Helen Jowett, Regional Councillor; Bryan Langel, Shoppers Drug Mart Dundas and McClaren; Carolyn Albrecht, our Senior Director of Operations; Paula Fecteau, board member; Poorang Roodbaraki, Shoppers Drug Mart owner. Front row, L to R: Mary Zilney, our CEO; Bashir Sachoo, associate/owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart Hespeler Road.

Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region on January 5th, 2018 thanked the Shoppers Drug Mart stores of Cambridge for their outstanding support of Haven House, Cambridge, over the past three years.

Under the volunteer leadership of Bashir Sachoo, associate/owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart on Hespeler Road, Cambridge, seven Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Cambridge have raised more than $76,000 since 2015 to support abused women and their children in Cambridge and North Dumfries. This is in addition to the amounts contributed yearly since 2011.

These store are:

  1. Shoppers Drug Mart, 499 Hespeler Road
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart, 115 Dundas Street North
  3. Shoppers Drug Mart, 137 Water Street North
  4. Shoppers Drug Mart, 101 Holiday Inn Drive
  5. Shoppers Drug Mart, 1500 King Street East
  6. Shoppers Drug Mart, 130 Cedar Street
  7. Shoppers Drug Mart, 950 Franklin Boulevard

These funds were raised by employee-driven events, such as BBQs, auctions, and asking customers for donations at the cash registers for the Shoppers Drug Mart “Growing Women’s Heath” initiative. This hard work was done during their fall campaigns, and was supported through the energy and dedication of Shoppers Drug Mart associates/owners and staff.