Daisy-cleaning-upAs the land begins to thaw and the winds blow warmer, nature starts to bloom.   Spring is a time of growth and renewal.  It is a time when we often choose to purge and clean our homes from the things that collected over the winter, open the windows and air out our spaces.  Some of us launch spring projects to refresh our homes.


At Anselma and Haven House we too purge our spaces, clean the yards, open the windows and plan what herbs and vegetables we might wish to grow this year.


There are many reason why cleanliness and organization are good for us.   Keeping a clean and tidy home can help reduce anxiety and allow creative thoughts and ideas to flow more freely.   Some people sleep better and stay healthier when their spaces are clean.  Organization can help all of us find what we need, saving time.


Our women want to tidy and clean their rooms, but sadly we don’t have enough cleaning supplies to give each bedroom its own broom, mop and bucket.  Our residents share these supplies, across several rooms at a time.


To help us stay healthy, clean and tidy, consider donating to our Spring Clean Project:  Both shelters could use the following items:

  • Brooms and dust pans
  • Small mops and pails
  • Toilet bowl brushes
  • Cloths
  • Laundry baskets


****for Health and Safety Reasons we CANNOT accept any CLEANING PRODUCTS (chemicals)****

Please call 519-741-9184 to arrange to drop off your donations at our shelters. Thank you!

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