20161101_153452Earlier this fall, we received a phonecall from Melodyann of Power of 2 Real Estate. She reached out to Anselma House hoping to directly impact a woman in our community who was rebuilding her life after abuse.

At that very time, we had received information that one of our clients had recently moved into an apartment but had very little resources to make that space a home, including blankets for her children.

When we told Melodyann and her partner Dale, they jumped into action!

Being very thoughtful and intentional with their generosity, they purchased gift cards for our client to use to fulfill her immediate needs for herself and her children. The gift cards were from a store that not only has housewares and clothing, but also groceries and toiletries.

Melodyann did not know this woman or her children and had very little information about them. At Women’s Crisis Services, we do not give out personal information and we do our best to protect the privacy of the women and children we serve. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that donors aren’t given a lot of direction. Instead of this being a deterrent, Melodyann and her partner were creative in using their financial resources to support a new life free of violence and abuse. The independence and confidence given with their gift cards for groceries, house wares, and even a dinner with her children at a restaurant truly showed that our community cares and wants our clients to succeed.

Thank you to Melodyann and Dale of Power of 2 Real Estate .

Your thoughtful donation, caring gesture, and generosity has indeed provided a fresh start, a safe and comfortable home, confidence and independence to a woman and her children in our community who have escaped domestic abuse.


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