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The cast of “Rage Against Violence” will lead the audience through experiencing domestic violence using the voices of those closest to it, right here in our community. First hand stories and emotions are used to bring the real life experience to light.

Helping to tell the story is Tric Fletcher, a familiar face and voice in our Region. We are honoured that she wholeheartedly supports this project and that she will be taking this journey of ONE ACT

Tric Fletcher is a co-host of Grand River Living on Rogers TV. She is also the executive producer of and is a part time model.  Tric lends her voice talents to commercials and voiceovers as well as a weekly radio show At the Kitchen Table with ChefD on Faith FM.

Tric originally got involved with Women’s Crisis Services during our Annual Christmas breakfast fundraiser with Dave FM.

As Tric puts it, My husband and I would go in.  Have breakfast.  Make a donation.  Leave and go about our busy day.  Then my husband, ChefD receives an email about lending his voice to an individual’s story through Rage Against Violence, One Act.  I raised my hand and said ˜me too’.  In my role with Grand River Living I am privileged to go out and play in our community and tell wonderful stories about how fabulous our community is.  Then I read the script, the story, the history, the brokenness.  And it became personal that not everything is so wonderful in our community.  Worse.  I could see some of my past relationships, when I was really young, in some of these stories.  Where was I taught that being treated poorly by a man was okay?  Thank God that I was able to walk away. Violence damages everyone in our community and I believe, we, as a community can help make it better.  I want to be part of that change!  If there was One Act I could do to help give someone another chance, by lending my support, my voice, so someone would have a safe home to run to.  So a mom can have a safe place to be with her children.  So a woman can have safe place to close her eyes and sleep, to rest.  I want to be part of that better community.

Tric, your leadership and passion are a gift to our community. Thank you for raising your hand.

Tric is a part of our talented cast during ONE ACT as a reader in the Rage Against Violence play To purchase tickets to this event, contact Drayton Entertainment 1-855-372-9866.

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