Following our recent Woman Abuse Awareness Event ˜Rage against Violence’ we received this blog from an Anonymous contributor who lost a loved one years ago to domestic violence.

No person, whether male or female, deserves to be abused!


Domestic violence MUST be obliterated.




It seems to me that we must learn, teach and demonstrate respect for others.  The Golden Rule comes to mind.  “Do unto other others as you would have them do unto you.”  A big assignment!  But not impossible.


It is hard to believe domestic violence exists in our families, friends and neighbours.


Some of the obvious signs and symptoms are fighting, injuries, restrictions, finances, deprivations of all kinds.


It happens in all walks of life:  from poor to rich, from uneducated to educated, in all religious persuasions, in rural and urban settings, in all cultures, all nationalities and basically all groups of society.


Having said that, there is a multitude of influencing factors.


Is it our responsibility to report suspicions?


You see, I lost a dear loved one to a bullet.


So I urge you to become informed.


In retrospect I have pondered many a time over what might have been, and what could have been prevented.  None of the obvious signs and symptoms seemed to be present.  What did I miss? What did others miss?


This dear lady was against divorce.  We were always made to believe things were great.  She always appeared happy, generous and uncomplaining.  Too late, we learned to suspect.  If only she would have confided in someone.


I urge you to become informed.  Lets keep our eyes and ears open.  Let’s be proactive!

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