Canadian Tire, Pinebush

Pam and Kerry Leroux present a donation of $30,000 from Canadian Tire, Pinebush, to help Rebuild Haven House.


The dedication of employees, customers and of the owners, Kerry and Pam Leroux,  lead Canadian Tire on PINEBUSH in Cambridge to be able to BUILD A BEDROOM at the Rebuilt Haven House!

Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region is very proud to thank Canadian Tire Pinebush for their support of the campaign to Rebuild Haven House, the shelter supporting abused women and their children in Cambridge and North Dumfries.

Kicking off their campaign, their annual LADIES NIGHT helped to inform their staff and customers that their dedicated support will create a bedroom in the new 45 bed shelter, that will, for generations, keep women and children safe. Kerry and his staff took every opportunity to raise funds for Haven House, and their initiatives will impact generations of people in our Region.

With over 6,100 domestic violence related calls to the Waterloo Regional Police Services, the need for a bigger shelter to serve Women and their children is urgent. Originally built to accommodate 11 people, the new shelter will be rebuilt to 45 beds and will have adequate space for programming, on site partners, and be an environment conducive to healing.

The Build a Bedroom campaign aims to have 30 bedrooms sponsored before June 2016, the expected completion date of the Rebuild Haven House project.

We are proud to partner with Canadian Tire, Pinebush, to ensure that each woman in Cambridge who needs help, will have what she deserves¦.a Rebuilt Haven House, says CEO of Women’s Crisis Services, Mary Zilney. We rely on our community and our partners, and are honoured to include Canadian Tire, Pinebush as they believe in a safer community for women and children.


THANK YOU to CANADIAN TIRE, PINEBUSH for your investment in Rebuild Haven House and the lives of women and children moving beyond violence.


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