Our great helpers from Ernst & Young!

Our great helpers from Ernst & Young!

On Friday morning, September 25th, 6 staff from Ernst and Young arrived at Anselma House, dressed in bright yellow T Shirts and armed with window cleaner, buckets, rags, paper towels, squeegees and a super long squeegee extension.

They were here as part of the United Way Day of Caring.

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They cleaned ALL the interior windows at the shelter, including the hard-to-reach windows in our lobby. As you can see from their big smiles, they had a lot of fun. They learned about our shelter, the women and children we serve and about the issues of intimate partner violence that our residents have experienced.

We continue to be amazed at the willingness of our community partners, how they want to help and volunteer.


Ernst and Young generously provided the window cleaning product and the paper towels for the morning.

All of these things help us keep our shelter clean but they also help us build and maintain relationships with our community. A special thanks to our partners at United Way for encouraging and collaborating with businesses who want to give their time and talent to local agencies in need.

Thanks, guys! You were awesome.




Merle Fast MSW RSW
Director of Quality Assurance

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