The holiday season is a very special time of the year for many, and can also be a very emotional time for the families who are in shelter. The women who leave everything behind to regain a life of freedom and safety for themselves and their children can have several worries during the holidays. On top of the concerns related to leaving an abusive relationship, there is worry about money for gifts for their children, whether there will be decorations for the holidays, and if their tradition of a holiday meal will be possible in shelter.

At Women’s Crisis Services, we strive to ensure a positive and fulfilling holiday for each and every woman and child, regardless of their holiday traditions and beliefs. Gifts are provided to the Moms to share with the children, holiday meals are planned and implemented by our Food and Nutrition Coordinator with the help of the women, and decorations are added to the common areas to inspire holiday cheer. Holiday parties are thrown for the children where crafts, activities and treats ensue.

Year after year the women and children of our shelter express much gratitude for the care and attention that goes into the holiday season here in shelter, and as an agency, we know that it would not be possible without the generous donations from our community. Some of the amazing donations included housewares, toys, a large donation of winter boots, handpicked sweaters for each of our women, baby items, gift cards and the gift of money. We wish to also thank the numerous volunteers who help by donating their time to sort through donations, wrap gifts, and organize community donations by answering phones and doors throughout the month of December. It is through the support of the community and the strength of the women who choose to do their part to end violence that our agency was able to share in this holiday season with them.

We hope that everyone had a happy holiday and wishes for a safe and successful new year!


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