Will you sleep safely tonight?

We often take for granted that we sleep safely at night. Not everyone enjoys that privilege. The truth is there are others in our community who are in a home with violence and abuse and will not sleep safely. We are asking you to join us in a campaign to #SleepSafeThursday.

Did you know that over 5500 women and children in Canada will seek safety at a shelter tonight, to escape violence and abuse?   We’re asking Waterloo Region to join us in keeping women and children in our community safe.

Here are 5 things we’re asking you to do PLEASE “

SUPPORT:  Will you please make a donation of $10 this Thursday to help women and children in our community sleep safe?  You can make your donation online just click here.

PROMOTE:  Will you please promote this campaign to your social networks (Twitter, Facebook).    When tweeting please use the hashtag – #SleepSafeThursday.

CHALLENGE:  We’re also encouraging people to proactively challenge their friends.  For example “ on Thursdays we encourage you to post that you have made a $10 donation and challenge your friends to do the same. You can even post a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper that says “ I supported #SleepSafeThursday have you?  and then provide the donation link in your online message.

SAY THANK YOU:  Please search to see who is posting about #SleepSafeThursday.  We’d ask that you please retweet and give shout outs to anyone you see who has supported the campaign and referenced #SleepSafeThursday.

COME BACK NEXT THURSDAY:  We are only asking $10 in the hope that you will participate for multiple Thursdays over the summer.   Please remember the campaign each Thursday for the next few weeks.  Think about it¦it’s only $10.  Wouldn’t you be happy to give $10 knowing it will keep women and children in our community safe from violence and abuse, so they can sleep in safety?   Keeping people safe is a noble thing.  Thank you for your support.

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