Susan's Story

Spring is a time of renewal. The flowers start budding, trees begin blooming and the days become longer. As we look forward to a new season, we also take a moment to pause.

Reflecting on the past year, we are reminded just how prevalent violence is in our community and that home is truly not safe for everyone.

As we transition into a new phase of pandemic recovery, we realize both the potential and the challenges that may be ahead. Because of you, we have been able to support more women and children than ever before.

One of these women is Susan. When Susan first entered the shelter, she was apprehensive talking to staff because of trust issues she developed during her abusive relationship. Many staff tried to connect with Susan at the beginning of her stay and noted that her demeanour was ‘intimidating’, but this quickly changed as she grew closer to the support workers.

After becoming more comfortable, the staff worked with Susan to build trust and create a team approach
to her care. She quickly settled in, built great relationships with staff and attended many therapeutic groups.

She felt safe here. She has such a kind heart and a kind spirit.” said one support worker.

Susan has since left shelter and is still accessing support through outreach services. She has started advocating for

other women to reach out to Women’s Crisis Services when they are in need.

This year, we ask for your help as we continue to see an increase in domestic violence rates and a greater demand for our essential services. Your gift of $100 will provide a day of care for a family like Susan.

No one should feel unsafe in their home. When you give, you are helping women and children move beyond violence.

P.S. No gift is too small. Your gift will create safety and protection for the women and children experiencing domestic violence in our community. 

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