Donating During the Holidays

This holiday season, you can give the gift of hope to women and children in need. Here is how you can help:

  1.  Make a monetary donation or donate gift cards (Walmart and grocery gift cards appreciated)
  2.  Purchase a Holiday Gift Package for women and children

We have put together personalized gift packages based on what women and children really need. These are real and meaningful gifts that you can give to women and children during the holiday season. Gift packages include a combination of essential items and important support programs for those who have experienced trauma and abuse.

Thank you for considering to donate to Women’s Crisis Services! We truly appreciate your support.


Gift Packages

Below you will find a description of each gift package. Scroll to the bottom of the page to select the package you would like to donate.


1. Music Therapy – $50

Give music therapy sessions to women and children who stay in shelter. Music therapy is a great alternative to traditional talk therapy and it is a very popular program among residents. $50 will cover the cost of a one-hour music therapy session for one of our shelter residents.

2. Moving Forward – $50

Give the “Moving Forward” package to a woman who is ready to transition out of shelter. When women move out of shelter they often leave with very little belongings. This package will help a woman get started in her new home! It will contain house-ware items like dishes, utensils, and cookware.

3. Family Night – $100

Sponsor family night in our shelters! Movie night and craft night a favourite among residents. It is a great way for moms and kids to bond, as well as for the women to get to know each other. These nights have been very successful and have become something that residents look forward to each week. $100 will cover the cost of one family night at each shelter.

4. Linen Package – $100

Give linens to a woman or child to use in shelter and to take with them when they leave. This will give residents brand new sheets to sleep on when they enter our shelters, as well as additional linens for when they move out. Our linen package will contain items such as sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, and face cloths.

5. Sleep Soundly – $200

Give the gift of sound sleep to a woman in shelter – something that many of these women desperately need. Sleep is especially difficult for our residents due to the trauma they have experienced. Purchasing the “Sleep Soundly” package will cover the cost of a white noise machine or a weighted blanket, recommended by our psychologist, Dr. Kathy.

6. Infant Care – $250

Sponsor an infant care package for the moms and babies living in shelter. Infant supplies are a crucial need and formula is an expensive product that we must re-stock regularly. Purchasing this package will allow us to provide moms and babies with the items they need most, such as formula, diapers, sleepers, and more.

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