Being A Good Neighbour


Wondering how you can help? Here are some small actions you can take that will make a BIG difference.

  • Speak up – the more we talk about domestic violence, the more awareness we raise about 1) the problem and 2) the support services that are available. Use the hashtag #SheIsYourNeighbour and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation: @WomensCrisisSWR 
  • Know the signs of abuse: Click Here
  • Listen if someone tells you something is wrong. Let her know there are support services that can help. We offer shelter services and an Outreach Program that is a free, confidential service without a waitlist. Women can access all services by calling our 24/7 support line: 519-742-5894
  • Safety Planning – The most high risk time for women is when they plan to leave. We recommend seeking professional help to make a safety plan.
  • Remember it’s a journey. There are numerous reasons why women stay in abusive relationships. Be open and understanding so that if someone approaches you, they know you are a safe, trustworthy person to talk with.
  • Donate to Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Regionwe help more than 1,000 women and children move beyond violence every year and we can’t do it alone. We rely on support from this amazing community to be able to continue offering programs and services.
  • Host a fundraising event – this is a great way to raise awareness and funds.
    • Learn more about hosting a fundraiser: Click Here