Shelter Services

We operate two shelters for women who are experiencing domestic violence and who have no safe place to stay: Anselma House in Kitchener and Haven House in Cambridge. Each shelter has 45 beds.

Anselma House
700 Heritage Drive, Kitchener, ON N2A 3N9

General Inquiries: 519-741-9184      
Support Line:  519-742-5894

Haven House
10 Acorn Way, Cambridge, ON N1R 8M5

General Inquiries: 519-653-2289    
Support Line:  519-653-2422

Who Can Access Shelter?

We provide safe shelter for women in Waterloo Region who are experiencing any form of abuse in an intimate partner or familial relationship and who have no other safe place to live. If a mother, she may bring kids up to age 18 of both genders with her to be with her and be safe. Please contact us if you want to confirm we can help you.

Support phone lines are available 24/7 to discuss abuse concerns and provide guidance in identifying and dealing with abusive relationships. We offer interpreters and have a language line available for immediate responses for women whose first language is not English.


How Our Shelters Help Women

Once at the shelter, the support is ongoing:

  • Advocacy continues around legal needs, housing, parenting and transitioning toward independence for our residents and their children
  • We also offer a food and nutrition program and  child and youth programming
  • Support is provided both one on one and through groups to help women move beyond violence
  • We also assist with safety planning
  • Support for housing and/or Ontario Works
  • Education about Violence against Women
  • Employment search support
  • Music therapy
  • Child and youth programs
  • Referrals to local agencies